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Here are common FAQs about Weld Overlay Cladding
  • Why cladding in pipes and fittings?
  • What are the commonly cladded materials?
  • What is the typical thickness of undiluted chemistry required inside the pipe?
  • Why weld overlayed cladding?
  • What are the applications of Weld Overlay Cladding and fittings?
  • What are the quality checks in the weld cladding process?
  • What is the maximum length of the single piece of Cladded pipe?
  • Are cladded spools available?
  • Does Crystal has in-house NDT facility for quality checks of Weld Overlay Cladding?
  • Can you manufacture Weld Overlay Cladding to MR0175 standards for sour application?

Cladding inside the pipes and fittings is to economize the cost of pipelines for corrosion applications for pressurized Oil & Gas and Refinery piping. The design pressure is taken care by carbon steel or low alloy steel and corrosion is tackled by the cladded material inside the pipe.

Inconel 625, Inconel 825, Hastelloy, Monel, Duplex, SS410, SS316 are commonly cladded material.

For a typical application undiluted chemistry skin thickness considered is 3mm

Weld overlayed cladding is typically used for high pressure and high temperature applications as it provides a concrete solution for a differential thermal expansion between back up and clad material

Weld Overlay Cladding and fittings are commonly used for corrosion application in Hydro-carbon industry as these are typically sour and corrosive.

Typical quality checks in the cladding process would be as listed below :
- Base metal, clad metal chemistry
- Clad metal skin Chemistry
- Ultrasonic Testing
- D.P / P.T examination of clad surface
- G-28 intragranular corrosion test

Minimum Dia of clad pipe available is 1.5” but length is limited to 500mm but for 5” and above to cladded pipe can be manufactured up to 12 meter long in one piece.

Yes, cladded spools are available which are the combination of Pipes, Elbows, Flanges & Fittings but they are custom built to customer requirements

Crystal has in-house NDE facility like PT / D.P, P.M.I, Ultrasonic and Radiography testing facilities including hydro testing, in high pressure applications.

Yes, Crystal can manufacture Weld Overlay Cladding & fittings to NACE – MR 0175 standard

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